Days 17 & 18

Lot of late nights lately, but it has been good the last few days.  Work is still going well and I feel really good while I’m there.  It does give me confidence because it wasn’t the highest paying gig I could have gotten (and money is something I definitely need right now) but the days go by fast and when 6 hits, I’m not rushing out the door like every other job I’ve  had.

Seriously, the last few jobs I’ve had (besides Uber but even Uber at times), I couldn’t wait to get off work, get home and get smashed.  Not here.  And that is a feeling that is wonderful.  It is nice to start well with a company and I do feel confident that my first week was successful, in many ways.  I’m getting the hang of their systems and procedures and doing quite a bit on my own.

A little bit of the booze temptation has been there but I think a lot of it is just the euphoria of the good that I’ve felt over the last few days.  It will pass.  No more self-sabotage.

Busy weekend ahead but I’ll try to write when I can.

16 thoughts on “Days 17 & 18”

  1. Congratulations on a successful first week at the new job!! Happy you are feeling so good. It will be Day 21 before you know it! Be sure to reward yourself.

  2. Sorry I haven’t commented for a few days, it’s war here with my daughter and that always leaves me run down.
    Glad to see you doing so well and I am delighted to hear things are going so well for you. I hope the weekend I relaxing/refreshing for you and next week is equally as enjoyable.

  3. Just checking in. Hope all is going well and week two in the new job sees you settling in more. How is the sleep?

    1. Hi Ginger,

      Sorry for the laaaaaaaaaaaaaaate reply – It’s been a really tough last few months but I am coming out of it. Thank you so much for all your support!

  4. Hi – It’s Michelle here. Just saying that if you are doing good that’s awesome.
    It’s a struggle some days, it pisses me off. If you’ve gone off the deep end – just come back ok?
    If your life is so awesome that you don’t have time to write that’s super cool – but either way everyone is here for you man.
    M 🙂

  5. Heya. Where you at? Your witty writing is missed by many. Let us know whats up, good, bad, or other you have people supporting you!

    1. Hi! It’s certainly been a real struggle the last couple months but I’m working my way out of it. Thank you so much for your support!!

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